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Kinform is a mobile application paired with your Moto360 smartwatch, that keeps everyone’s health condition within the family in sync and in the know.


Creative Direction, User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, User Interface Design


How can we care for our parents when we’re geographically seperated?

the problem

From, research, it shows that 80% of people have regretted not being able to care for their beloved ones, when they are geographically seperated.

the opportunity

A subtle platform that acts as your health assistant, subtly recording your health information and informing your beloved ones when you're not feeling well.

how it works

Android Application + Moto360 Smartwatch Systems Flow


User Interviews - Personas - User Journey - Systems Thinking

To understand the problem of sharing health information within your geographically separated family, I had to first dissect the current available system/methodology before hypothesizing any solution. To do so, I mapped out current systems elements, it’s interconnections and how it created a current paradigm of sharing health information. Then, with the help of mental models, I was able to sketch out the user journey of a possible solution that solves the most important factor of the problem.

making it work

User Flows - Wireframes

With a possible solution validated through user research, sitemaps and wireframes are created to visualize the application’s information architecture and it’s interaction design.

rapid prototyping

Prototype - Test - Repeat

Leveraging the knowledge of front end coding, I hacked my way from prototyping on a third party software to in browser prototyping. This method allowed me to be agile in my process of information architecture/interaction design and greatly increased the time for more user testing.

art direction

Style Guide

A reference to the pop art culture was chosen for the art direction because of it’s influence in style and trend with my senior demographics. The colors derived from pop art was also distinctive enough to differentiate and highlight different health categories within my app.

Icon Set

To be more original with the art direction, a special set of icons was created for the interface. All icons are designed with the Material Design's icon gridding guideline.

brand identity

Logo Gridding

I needed my app’s brand to be trustworthy, distinctive and helpful in a way that it informs your family’s health information even though you’re geographically separated. Therefore the color was perfect to emit such feeling of trustworthiness and helpfulness while having the folded heart represent connectedness and warmth from being together.

user interface

Android Mobile

Kinform’s interface is designed along with the Android’s Material Design guideline. Layers are designed to increase user affordance while the bold interface colors and animations shine through the app to enhance the interaction design.

User's health information

Traceable History Records

Menu and Notification Center

Member’s Health Profile

user interface

Android Wear

The moto360’s extension application utilizes the same visual principles of the mobile app. The challenge of the Moto360’s visual design is it’s smaller interface screen. Which meant that the information presented had to be much more simpler and to the point, that it’s meaningful to the users at the right time. The watch subtly notifies you on family member’s health information if triggered by high/low heart rate, long duration of inactivity and/or missed/late medication. In dire situations, Kinform on Moto360 also acts as an emergency responder and notifies your emergency contacts if notification is not dismissed manually within 60 seconds.

real-time notifications

User’s health profile at a glance

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